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Reality’s A Bitch.

So my whole life is me walking through the crowd. I try to not stand out but sometimes I can’t help it. I go through my life just walking along in the crowd,listening to my iPod,unaware of anything. I dream and hope of good things for me like respect,love,and possibly wealth/succes. But every now and then there’s this thing,this annoying thing that always seems to catch up with me. It’s called reality,and it decks me in the fucking face. So I fall,nobody lends a hand,they all have their own life’s to worry about. That being,I get up and dust myself off,cause that’s what I do. I’m strong and I get pushed around alot so I know how it feels. After awhile though,something interesting happens. The last time I got punched by reality,this girl appears. She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before,she looks amazing. She comes by where I’m at and extends her hand,”Need some help,stupid? Lol” She says,in the cutest voice ever. So I take her hand and she helps me up,so far that’s the only help I’ve ever been offered. I’m immediatly in awe. She starts to tease me with her beauty and her personality,and I’m hooked. I get to know her by walking with her through this crowd and I start to develop feelings,feelings I’ve never felt before. Other girls have walked with me before,but they never last to long though. They always end up leaving to go with some other guy. So me and her have long walk,it’s awkward but it feels right at the same time. She tells me all about her self and her life walking through the crowd and I tell her mine. We connect on a level I never knew existed. She says she has a boyfriend and he’s been walking with her for 4 years now,I just met her. I feel like I shouldn’t tell her about these secret feelings I have for her,but I refuse to hide what I feel,so I tell her. She doesn’t exactly reject me,and I didn’t tell her she should leave her boyfriend,I just wanted to let her know. She says friends is all were gonna be,but stupid me,I begged to differ. Now I’m in a situation where love,becomes a problem. I buy her a gift for Christmas,I give it too her and who do I hear coming? Oh reality,what a dick. So I’m on the floor again,thinkin that ima be walkin alone once again,but to my surprise. She didn’t leave,instead,she stayed and helped me up again……,we walk together once again. I’m happy. But then,she tells me that she has to go,to go see her boyfriend. She leaves and I’m alone….BOOOM. On the floor again. I get up,and she’s not there to help me up. Now I’m sad,heartbroken on the floor and it’s impossible to pick up the peices by myself. Now who do I see coming this time? She comes again,she helps me pick up the peices and now were walking together,AGAIN. So now this is the present where Reality comes every once in a awhile to remind me of how pathetic I am. And only sometimes does this girl come and help me up.

Shut It Down - Drake (M33ko Remix)

There is one way,then there’s another,I’m so sure about this,cause I know I love her. She makes me feel,just like I want to,but when it comes down to it I know that I can’t have you. You tell me your in love with this other guy,but I can’t help but ask why,and I’m not tryin to take you from him no oh. But I refuse to hide what I feel,and I wish you felt the same,so let’s take it slow and I’ll show you just what’s real. So put those fuckin heels on and work it girl,you look sexy but that’s not what I see no. So leave your fuckin makeup off and find me girl,cause with or without it I could love you down,down,down. Tryna lay you down,down,down. The realest girl around,round,round. And they’ve noticed,oh they’ve noticed. You would shut it….

Here Goes Nothing…

It took awhile for me to realize that something was wrong with me,it ain’t the girls I talk to it’s my surplus of sympathy. All my life I’ve been called sweet,I’ve been called kind and soft like a sheet. But there’s something else that you don’t see,it’s my inner thoughts,so take a seat. “Your so nice and wonderful.” That’s all I ever hear,but do I ever get recognition? No,just get tossed like finished beer. It seems to me that beautiful girls always like getting hurt,they always find the exact opposite of what they lookin for,they shovelin dirt. But I ain’t dirt,I’ma flower (No homo),those assholes need a shower,cause I always come through,I’m there for you,I’m fuckin sweet and they stupid sour. But I envy them,those stupid pricks,I wish I had their skills,they always get the girl they want,by fakin what they feel. They’re disrespectful and only want sex,that’s their favorite part,but all girls see is the effort they put towards them when they have a change of heart. But what about us? The ones who were there,the good guys here,the ones who actually care. We’re already at that point,we’re the mature ones,they dissapoint. But maybe it’s not you that has the problem,maybe it’s me,afterall I am writing this poem. (Lol) I guess it’s time for me change and be more like the guys you prefer or something,I know who Chris Barron is,and I love you….but anyways,here goes nothing.

A Thought

You know what I just realized? All of my good friends I’ve ever made were because they did something nice for me first. I’m kinda curious about what would happen if I did something nice for somebody else. Just like outta the blue,I mean,what would you do if somebody you didn’t know did something nice for you?

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